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Special Offer:   Carpet Cleaning Prices from £ 35

Added by Carpet Cleaning Newhey today

Review: Top & Best Spiritual Healer in London Love Spell Caster

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Reviewed by Lanny Jay today

Review: Treads

Tried 3 local garages to find my air conditioning system leak, none seemed interested as it was apparently too time consuming. Called Treads and was booked in and they found the leak and repaired the car same day! Very happy customer.

Reviewed by Karen Murray today

Review: Ultra Industrial Ltd

no longer operating

Reviewed by mid sewing yesterday

Special Offer:   20 % off Father's Day - MAYDAY21

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Added by bakerdays yesterday

Review: Shirle Hill Education Service

I was removed from my family in 1975 and left to rot in there because of Doctor Shirley Hoyes. She is guilty of causing child abuse and declaring war against me by wrongfully imprisoning me without good cause. Leaving children to cry them self to sleep every night in a dormitory with three other children is negligent. encouraging children to take toys away from others is child abuse. putting 20 children in a room and encouraging them to hit each other hard with pillows isn't therapy it's another form of child abuse. The moment that I arrived another child rubbed soap into my eyes in the toilet, that is failing to take adequate care to look after the children in your care. I was mentally tortured by MISS HANSOR or HANSON by being made to sit in a corridor in the education facility, this is another form of child abuse. I believe that my dad was blamed for me being put in this detention centre against my will, in which case why wasn't my older and younger siblings put in there as well as we were all living in the same circumstances. My dad once came to visit me unexpectedly out of the blue on a Tuesday night and I was to that somebody had come to see me. I don't know why but I started to cry so I was fairly quickly ushered back into the day room where I had been when all I wanted was to go home. The fact that I was singled out for special treatment and not my other siblings I very much doubt who I really am as I am left to believe that is why only I was removed from the family home. Undermining the family unit is a very dangerous game as society is built on the family unit and by subjecting me to this abuse broke the bonds between me and the rest of my family. I always said that if I was ever asked to go to war for my country that I would turn the weapon on my own side because this country declared war against me when I didn't understand about how the world works. If I was locked up because of what my mother said she wasn't on this planet because of all the happy pills she was on. When My mother took me to see Shirley Hoyes I used to stare at the ground and swing my legs because I was shy and no doubt this was twisted round to give her a reason to have me blocked up. As far as I'm concerned these people who remove children from their homes and have them tortured are guilty of child abuse and crimes against humanity and if it was up to me the would face the death penalty for what they've done. To this day I still suffer for what these people did to me and I struggle not to commit suicide 45 years later. you are evil people who deserve to be punished for what you've done. You owe me a serious amount of compensation and every time I try to take action it gets blocked. The damage you've done will never go away.

Reviewed by Andrew Marr yesterday

Review: M Tec Home Improvements

Awful company! They were supposed to fit my new windows but left me high and dry after a neighbour complained to them for starting work at 6:20am and just drove off at 6:40. Leaving 2 giant unfitted windows, one half fitted and not sealed window, and a totally unusable office that no one can work until until we find someone else. I’ve never experienced such unprofessional conduct, or a lack of care given. Terrible work ethic. If it was my choice I’d never have hired them, sadly they were chosen by the manufacturer and I had no idea they sub contracted out the actual window fitting. In the end I think they probably did me a favour by leaving given the subpar and incomplete work done on the first window. Not to mention the constant wingeing, smoking and urinating in bottles. Now I can get a proper outfit in that take some pride in their work and reputation, and are worried about more than just getting home. They would have left given the slightest excuse. Avoid at all costs, plenty of decent tradesmen out there who understand the concept of professional conduct.

Reviewed by Oliver Larkin yesterday

Review: Universal Lighting Services Ltd

Appalling experience. Ordered a lamp and lamp post. Only the lamp post arrived. They admitted their disappointment, then hid behind T&C's buried deep in the small print and thanked me their failure ( and my loss ) " brought about a revaluation of our packing department training as this should never have happened " however have offered nothing as compensation despite their failure costing me £350.

Reviewed by Michael Stevens yesterday