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Latest Activity

Review: Sainsbury's Petrol Station

Saturday morning go to sainsburys petrol station for fuel hoping to pay at pump and be on my way. However the pump was not allowing pay at pump and just kiosk was appearing , so wave to the staff member who shouts “you need to press pay at pump“ I said I have! A female staff member comes out to help and explains there is a card jammed in that particular machine so you can only pay in the kiosk , at which point I see the male staff member sniggering and discussing that I can’t operate the machine with a customer , I explain I’d rather not be served by the rude staff in the kiosk , but I will just to save time. I go to pay in the kiosk and I say to that rude staff member it would have been nice if he explained that I could only pay at kiosk at that pump and he shrugged and said well I didn’t know with an unacceptable attitude ! He gave no apology for the way he behaved! The lady that came out to help, served me at the Till and was incredibly polite and helpful and I thanked her for that . I left and said to the rude staff member to “ keep the attitude” to which he retaliated and he told me as a customer of sainsburys to “ DO ONE “ I was astonished as a customer of such a large company to have been treated this way ! I’m appalled and shocked that a staff member of sainsburys can behave in such a way as to make a customer feel so under valued .

Reviewed by Narinder Dahiya today

Review: Stewarts Radio

what a great shop and staff they have it all with free advice and suggestions etc great knowledge of their trade ,helpful, I came away with what I wanted after their advice and help and had a laugh along the way and prices are very good as well.

Reviewed by JOHN LIGHTBOWN today

Review: The Car Wash Co

Absolutely disgusting! Similar to the review before this, they wouldn’t do the bronze service and said it was wash & wax only because they didn’t have time… I said well surely just a wash would then be quicker?!?!?! The women got a bit angry and said you can park but we won’t clean. Anyway I returned to my car hours later and they had thrown some kind of glue or grease over my boot. I questioned the lady and she tried to just ignore me, so I got my phone and began taking photos to which she became extremely aggressive. My two young children were very scared but she carried on shouting at me in her half broken English that I cannot take photos. Reported to police and awaiting to hear. PLEASE STAY AWAY, clearly a not worth it.

Reviewed by Peter Dillon today

Review: Woodhouse Caravan Sales Limited

We bought a caravan from this company described as excellent and everything working fine but the fire is not so as it will not work. The owner Richard Todd tells you it is excellent and as yet will not reply to be e mail complaints Avoid this company or you will lose your money

Reviewed by Geoffrey Dale today

Review: Home energy insulations

Left loft in a mess. Polystyrene everywhere. Said they would cover things in loft so no need to remove. But didn’t.

Reviewed by Julia Seeger yesterday

Review: +27640211696 Abortion pills for sale in Bahrain Manama Cytot

Early this year when I first contacted you I was 1 year into a bitter divorce battle with my husband of 17 years had an affair with a co-worker. He lied to me over and over again even made me feel like a fool for having thought he was cheating. He told me that he was no longer in love with me and that he wanted a divorce. I read things they wrote to each other that are now forever BURNED into my mind. I woke up every day wondering how this could be my life--how did I get here--what went so very wrong? I loved this man with all my heart and I thought for sure we would grow old together. It was just unbearable. I was totally heartbroken and I needed to call a shot and put an end to the pain he was making me go through. I remembered Dr. Saruman Spell Temple, a Love Spell Temple I saw in FLORIDA sometime last year somewhere around ORLANDO. Though I had no idea how it works, I contacted him and ordered an instant Love spell that worked and even got me thrilled. It wasn't up to 24hours My husband immediately got into a huge fight with this lady on their Lunch, left her there, and hurriedly came home feeling remorseful for everything and asking me to take him back again. I am so amazed now because IT WORKED FOR ME. Now I have my man back to me and he is fully faithful and dedicated to our marriage. Thank you Dr. Saruman because your spell has finally made me and my husband reunited again. You can reach him on his contact details.Website: Instagram: Facebook: Email: or you can chat him directly on his WhatsApp: +1 (786)-770-7977 You can reach him for the following spell work: MONEY RITUAL MAKE YOUR LOVER LOVE YOU MORE WIN EX BACK FRUIT OF THE WOMB GOOD JOB SPELL REVENGE SPELL BUSINESS SPELL ATTRACTION SPELL LOTTERY SPELL COURT CASE I would advise you to contact DR SARUMAN because he is the right man to help you get your problem solved.

Reviewed by Margaret Wheeler yesterday

Review: The Vac Shop

I purchased this great carpet cleaner second-hand. Unfortunately it developed a fault, but I couldn't get any support from Bissell as I wasn't the 1st register of the item. The Vac Shop in Preston came to my aid and very professional they were too. They took it apart and fixed the problem within a day. Even Bissell couldn't have done that.

Reviewed by Tom de Lacey yesterday

Review: Clarity Simplicity Ltd

no opening hours info navigable on the websites or elsewhere

Reviewed by brian anderson anderson yesterday