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101 The Stables Market
Chalk Farm Road
Camden Town
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Xen-Do martial arts is a fusion of oriental kicking and punching western boxing and karate. It combines self-defence aerobic workout flexibility coordination and speed. At our Camden @ Xen-Do school of martial arts we pride ourselves on helping our students achieve their goals: whether you want to increase your fitness level develop your body strength have fun and unwind or you just want to learn self-defence Xen-do kickboxing has the perfect programme for you.


Xen-Do is a martial art which can help you get fitter, build your stamina and strength, and improve your flexibility and muscle tone. We train in a safe, professional, dedicated environment with fully qualified professionals who have attained the highest levels in the discipline.

Our classes and personal training sessions are individually tailored to help you achieve your goals, whether they be to help develop body strength, increase fitness levels, learn self defence, or simply to have fun and unwind!

We follow Dai Master Raf's 'Fearless Way' meaning our sessions are enjoyable and suitable for all ensuring you can enjoy getting fit and unwinding in a safe and welcoming environment. Our instructors are full-time professionals who are fully insured, licensed and qualified in first-aid. Our members are also insured (please call for further details).

Xen-Do is totally flexible - you can attend group classes, personal training sessions or a combination of the two. With no joining fee you can build a health plan that is based around your lifestyle, goals and budget. We also offer special student rates.

Xen-Do translated from Japanese means 'All Paths' and originates from the traditional Karate style of Wado-Ryu and Mu-Gen-Do, a synthesis of European and Eastern martial arts.

The term Wado-Ryu means 'way of harmony' indicating the intention was to use training as a means of solving problems in a non-violent way. Mu-Gen-Do means 'the Unlimited Way', a system that is not fixed and remains open to new ideas and techniques.

In keeping with this, Xen-Do is not bound by tradition, which means it is constantly evolving. It isn't just physical in nature - it represents the development of the mind, body and spirit in a continuous cycle.

What is Xen-Do?

Xen-Do is a way of life based on an authentic and historic Martial Art that can be traced back to the first Shaolin Monks, you can learn more about this on our Club History page.

Xen-Do is a mixture of karate, oriental kicking and punching and western boxing. It combines self-defence, aerobic workout, flexibility, coordination and speed.

Xen-Do now attracts a very large female following, as women now assert not only their financial but also their physical independence.

Xen-Do gives women a unique mental strength and awareness of their environment that provides the ability to defend themselves, their children and their property.

What do I need to bring to my first lesson?

Enthusiasm and energy, you are going to enjoy your Xen-Do experience!

Wear loose clothing – tracksuit trousers and a t-shirt are best, plus a clean pair of socks. Also bring a towel and a bottle of water.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or gardian to their first lesson.

What happens in a class and will I get hurt?

At Xen-Do we follow Dai Master Rafael's 'Fearless Way', this means that everyone at every level can participate without fear or trepidation.

Classes begin with a thorough full-body stretch; once properly warmed up students learn basic kicks, punches and combinations followed by attack and defence techniques practised with a partner.

The classes are non-contact, so there is no risk of getting hurt and the sessions last approximately 1 hour. Separate classes are available for students who wish to practice technical movements with a partner.

We also offer personal (small group) and private (individual) classes.

What sort of people practice?

Martial Arts are suitable for men and women of all ages, sizes and all levels of fitness, the best time for children to start is from 4 years. People who practice Martial Arts are those seeking to challenge themselves, find their limitations and develop beyond them whilst having a great deal of fun. Xen-Do is a fantastic community where many new friends are made.

Why Martial Arts?

Martial Arts are more than just exercise. They are primarily a form of self-defence and a great source from which to gain personal confidence. Martial Arts can help you avoid threatening situations or enable you to effectively deal with them if unavoidable, being prepared can make all the difference. Xen-DO in particular provides an excellent opportunity for social interaction in a fun, safe and very exciting environment.

I am already graded in another Martial Art how can Xen-Do benefit me?

Fantastic! Come and see us soon and let us show you. Xen-Do is a more comprehensive Martial Art using more techniques and providing more of a work out.

Check out our Club History and see the timeline of our descent from the Shaolin Monks.


Our free trial lessons give you or your child* the opportunity of experiencing Xen-Do at the club of your choice with no commitment. One of our instructors will introduce you to the club, you will meet other members and, under close supervision, take part in a lesson.

All you need to do is book your trial lesson which we will confirm in advance. On the day please arrive in plenty of time, wear a track suit and T shirt and bring a bottle of water.

Having enjoyed your Xen-Do experience we will answer any questions and let you relax to make up your mind about Xen-Do and whether we can play a part in shaping your future.

We look forward to seeing you.

* Under 18's must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.



Wonderful experience




Every time I leave the dojo I feel brilliant. It makes me wish I had the time to go every day! The instructors are all brilliant. The classes are all great fun. The other students are all friendly and helpful. Everyone encourages each other to keep pushing harder, so nobody is slacking off. My fitness has already improved loads since I started a couple of months ago, which is what I was aiming for. Far more than it ever could have from just going to the gym. If you're looking for a way to get fit but find the gym a bore, try this. You not only get great exercise and build your stamina and strength, but you also get to learn a new skill. It's great fun, and I can't recommend it enough. If you're not sure if kickboxing is for you, why not take advantage of the free trial class the club offers out. That's how they got me. Loved it so much I signed up right away!

pennie varvarides - 07/09/2013 | report this review

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Best Dojo in London :)




I've been a member since December 2012 when I was initially looking for an alternative means of keeping fit other than the gym, and had been told that kick boxing was a good way to do so. By doing a local search, Xen-Do came up so decided to give it a try. The first trial lesson is free and you get introduced into all the basics at a good pace. From day one I was hooked! (excuse the pun!) Now a regular attendee at Xen-Do, I'm proud to say I'm now learning a martial art, my fitness level is noticeable so much better, and my confidence has increased dramatically. I've also made a few new friends with fellow students :) The Sensei's are brilliant, each lesson is continuously challenging and loads of fun! Leaving each class absolutely knackered and buzzing at the same time keeps me coming back!! P.S. The banter is wicked too! I love this place! #fitforlife #Xen-Do #kickboxing #gohardorgohome

Jo Barrozo - 30/08/2013 | report this review

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It is never too late




I have wanted to do kick boxing since I was in my 20s but never quite got round to it. I am now 48. After a long period of illness finding myself feeling 'old', I had pain in my joints and gained quite a bit of weight through inactivity. I heard about this place and decided to give it a try ( nothing changes until you make it change), Sure I was very nervous not knowing what to expect, but I wanted it, so I went along to the trial lesson. It far exceeded my expectation, I am really enjoying learning among some great people, with excellent sensei who make the whole experience unique. Needless to say my health has improved so has the joint pains. I could not recommend this place highly enough, come wont be sorry

Jane Mclaughlin - 20/08/2013 | report this review

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The friendliest place to learn to fight.




Xen-Do is a great kick-boxing club where the atmosphere is fun and friendly. Any questions and problems you may have and the senseis and students both are willing to help where they can. The main thing that got me hooked in the first place? No-one is there to pose. Everyone is there to knuckle down and train but are willing to go slower because you are new and are unsure of what you are supposed to be doing. I may have only been coming for a short while, but I plan to be going for a long while more. Ouss!

Stephen Birks - 20/08/2013 | report this review

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Trial Class




You have to try it! Had the best workout ever and the instructors are friendly and encouraging.

Kristina Hillman - 13/09/2012 | report this review

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'I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE' Dear All Xen-Do Teams & Members Today, I would like to share my happiness ever in my life. My daughter Joey (4 years old) joined Xen-Do Little Champs on May 2011 and they have competition today and she win a trophy and in the 1st place in the competition. I feel very happy and I can’t believe it, she can do it such well. I am so proud of her. Joey, before joining Xen-Do, she is very shy person and lack of self confidence. She can’t do anything in front of public all by herself when facing lots of people, she always knot down the head and no voice at all. And this is her first time competition she ever attend, but she did it, finish all the way to the end, even win a trophy. Billions thank you to Xen-Do Team and Sensei, only 2 months she joined in Xen-Do. She gain her confidence and self control. She getting better and better now without head facing down all the time and also can talk with lots of voice now. Once again, thank you to all Xen-Do Teams for their hard work and efforts that change Joey through.

Joey's Mum Cindy

'MY CONCERNS WERE THAT I WOULD BE TOO OLD .......THIS COULD NOT HAVE BEEN FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH' I had decided that it was time for me to get fit and lose weight. I had tried various gyms in the past, but found them to be boring and never had the motivation to go after a couple of months. I also needed a bit of a confidence boost in life, and saw martial arts as a way forward for this. My concerns were that I would be too old to start a martial art. Having previously never been into sport, I knew this would be a challenge and that I would not be able to keep up with the class and just give up after a couple of months. This could not have been further from the truth! Although challenging, both physically and mentally, the way Dai Master Raf and the Sensei’s teach you Xen-Do, it makes it a enjoyable and fun experience. Within the dojo, you can feel relaxed as there is a great atmosphere provided by the Sensei’s and the rest of the class. I have made some great friends since starting at Xen-Do (about 18 months ago), which has come as an added bonus! I am gaining much more from the classes than I originally though I ever would. As well as the physical side, I am learning how to think differently by learning the philosophy behind the way we are taught. I am finding this is helping within my personal life as well as kickboxing and I find my confidence building the further I progress into learning Xen-Do. My advice would be to try Xen-Do at least once. If you have any pre-conceived ideas of a martial art, then the way you are taught here will change your mind. As well as learning a unique martial art, Xen-Do will help you to become more confident and stronger in your personal life.

Simon King

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